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Made with Love by Fitness-Inspired Nutritionists 

We'll try to keep this short but our story is actually rather long, starting out in 2011! We'll give you the Cole Notes. Our careers began as certified trainers, who upgraded to become gym owners, then we expanded our education to become Holistic Nutritionists. We later transformed our practice into a digital operation with an immense human touch to it.


Since, we have worked with hundreds of like-minded gyms owners all across North America, providing custom made holistic nutrition plans for members with custom branding, operating as a member of the fitness team online for each unique club. We've been doing this now for over a decade.


In this time we've learned that some members need custom planning and a lot of support, and others are much more independent, and thrive, simply when provided the tools to bring success to their fitness practice. For this reason, we've developed MealMap, which is an extension of our Custom Meal planning services through Additional Nutritional. MealMap is unique in that it offers meaningful tools that help a client find success through meal tracking, calorie counting, macro nutrient counting, water tracking and so much more. It fosters positive behaviour change that helps your members connect their favourable actions at your facility to their behaviours at home and at work.


MealMap becomes your app, branded with your logo, company colours, which then becomes a big part of your members daily actions. 

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